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Wrongful Termination Lawyer in Madison, WV

Reach out to a team member at Cook and Cook Law Firm to discuss a recent firing to learn if you have experienced wage or employment discrimination. Experience matters in these cases, so choose a wrongful termination lawyer in Madison, WV, with a track record.

Application of the Law

It’s essential to understand the difference between a standard dismissal and a wrongful termination of your employment. West Virginia law provides the employee with certain protections. If these protections are not met before a firing, you may have grounds for a suit against your former employer.

Know your Rights

You are entitled to time off associated with military service and other duties laid out in our state laws. When a business or municipality fires you for filing a workplace grievance, you have standing in court to challenge that action. Reach out to our team today to learn your rights under our state’s employment law.

While whistleblower laws tend to seem straightforward, the concept of the “at-will” doctrine can get complicated. Talk directly to our lawyers to learn if you should file suit against your employer. We’ll ask important questions to determine the best way to make your case in a court of law. You can also apply for disability under Social Security if you are no longer able to work with our firm. We represent clients that deal with unexpected personal injuries and Terminations.

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